We are
Threshold Philanthropy

Threshold Philanthropy is committed to returning resources rooted in holistic community care. We are co-creating with Black and Indigenous communities the necessary conditions, structures, and ecosystems for our collective liberation. Our birthright is to create, grow, flourish, and cultivate paths of healing, joy, love, and restoration for us and future generations. May it be so!

Our vision for right relationship

In every way and every place we show up, Threshold Philanthropy aspires to be a full representation of the world we all deserve, a just world where we are all:

  • Liberated and healed through reparations — individually and collectively
  • Deeply connected to the land and each other
  • Lovingly accountable to one another and community
  • Radically transparent — sharing both our successes and mistakes
  • Mindful of our impact on people, places, and the planet
  • Joyful, generous, and brave

Our origin story

Why us? Why now? Why not?

Meet Us

Our Team

Get to know the folks behind Threshold Philanthropy.